Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grey hairs and wrinkles? Get the hair colour and creams!

I was just going through the previous entry and - MAN AM I SAD!
I mean, I'm just 19! what's the big deal anyway if the poor kid is writing a sad,mind bogglingly crazy and meaningless exam. If I'm feeling down, imagine how my mum must be feeling? This is the second kid she's sending off to walk the board. And sure the guy's gotta grow up, I mean imagine if stayed like some Peter Pan character- there'd be so much we'd have missed out. And Really- there is so much in this beautiful BEAUTIFUL world just WAITING to be done. I have to go rock climbing on the rainbow rocks of the Giant Canyon, hiking in the Himalayas,paragliding in Colarado, bungee jumping in Columbia,get laid up with Jaundice at least once, drink wine, smoke pot....- I don't have the time to mourn about the days gone by.
And the bottom line is- As long as you can look up into the sky and see how green the leaves look etched against the deep blue sky... life isn't that bad.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wrinkles and grey hair...

My mother always told me-It is not you who grows older, it is the others who do.

The fact struck me like lightning this morning as I wished my kid brother luck for his first board exam. And it seems just yesterday I was teaching him two plus two! It's sad how things change. Sure it's inevitable and all.. but...You know now he's not going to wriggle around giggling when you tickle him. Instead he'll scowl and hiss "Chechi behave yourself! Stop irritating me." You know all those silly games you played and the ridiculous jokes you used to cackle to will now have turned truly redundant... All of a sudden you have to stand on your toes to knock him on the head, when earlier he used to look up at you...

It's true. We don't grow older.. it's those around us who do. And though I'm so incredibly proud of the young guy who stands a head above me, I'll still miss that little kid...

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Are we going to
                                        Not just look
See how,
When the social workers
                                                  To help victims in
                                                  far away lands,  
                                          The Victims in our own houses
                                     Cry mute tears and stuff gags into their spirit.
See how,
when the champion waves laurels
in the flourescent tubes
                                                               In the shadows stand,
                                          those beautful candles that burn unknown.
                                                         Carefully blank faces like
                                                                  stain glass windows

           But When will we 
When will they see
from behind the cool shades
That guard our eyes from seeing?

Sun Set Boulevard

My photography. What do you think?