Friday, July 28, 2006


Life can be strange at times.

I am sure at some point of time in everyone's lifetime, there comes a moment where you stop in your tracks and say "WHOA!"

You know like during the september 11 wtc attacks. My aunt works with the UN. In that building.The only reason she was saved was because she was caught in traffic that day. Similarly, during the recent Bombay blasts, my friend's aunt had an equally close shave- she couldn't get into the train because someone shoved her out of the station.

Its things like this that make one stop in their tracks and take a look at the life they had been leading.

I mean we go through everyday faster than a caterpillar eating a leaf!"Oh I'm so busy !" we exclaim-but boil it down, what substantial thing are we doing? Have we made any real difference through our acts? If start analysing we'd probably realise that it's the little things that make it all worth while.

I know you must be groaning "Here she goes again about memories" But wait a sec gimme a chance man! just imagine this-at the end of your college life, are your classmates going to remember the grades you got- OR - are they going to remember the things you did to help them, hurt them, the gags the the comfort sought and provided...are they going to remember that-or they going to remember the notes you wrote?

ON that note, lets stop. This was today's dose of food for thought :D.