Sunday, March 01, 2009

Book Bouquet

Rustle, flip-
The mellow parchment smell
wafting up
coffee mists
from thought's sandal spine.


The irony of the M.A course is that it hopes to improve your writing skills and usher in fresh, creative thoughts- and leaves you with no time to actually put these ideals into action.
It has been a month since I last updated. And this by one who treats her blog with the enthusiasm of an obsessed amour. One is tempted to compare oneself and ones blog to star-crossed lovers separated by the evil forces of education.

So... is it really worth it?

Spending hours referencing Ezra Pound, ages bent over Marx, eternity researching Ninaz Khodaiji...
Wouldn't updating my blog be so much more satisfying...?

And so here I am rambling away when there are three papers and 2 presentations looming over my doomed skull. Already my Super Ego pulls out her whip and brings out the shackles. It will only be a matter of time before the flagellation begins. But before the sting sets in, I, the Creator, declare that this blog is not dead !

This is The World According to Me . And the world, according to me, is and never will be dead: no matter how much it tries to kill you.