Sunday, July 04, 2010

Time stumbles over the crack in the watch face


Inside the chasm we float in timeless limbo-
Like leaves caught in cobweb strings,
spinning in slow-motion
While minutes melt above our heads.
We brush each other
in our graceful pirouettes-
Cherishing that glancing graze
in the veins of our Beings-
Letting the corpuscles make electrified love
Charged with the current of the ephemeral circuit.

You and I, we hide
In this secret cusp of temporal amnesia
Holding each other in brushes and strokes
Knowing that time will not be fooled long
By our absent presence.
We touch with careless care
Knowing that, should Time stumble over us
We will be pulled out squalling
Into an alien world
To be herded by managing minute hands
Into lines of days and years
Never to touch or be touched ever again.


We heard Time stumble.
The leaves twirl again in pointless grace,
The protean dimensions more precious
With every numbered minute.
Veins are traced and colors memorised
To comfort in cold remembrance.
A final timeless touch and
The leaves pause in an amber moment...

Stumbling Time picks up its feet,dusts its robes
And marches on again.
The leaves swirl towards each other.
We are safe.
For now.