Thursday, January 14, 2010


Greetings! Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to publish my New Years post on time. But then again, as the University administration keeps reminding us, better late than indefinitely postponed.

There is very little faith in the world: not today, not for a while. However, the beauty of this world, of humanity, is that it can always find a way to pick itself up from the shambles it has reduced itself to and create something beautiful from the very wreckage in which it stands. Or so we can hope. Life thrives on its ability to continue, to survive, outsmarting all those chaotic gulags that threaten the very essence of it s being. For to live is to survive pain with grace and dignity.

A wise man once said that literature is that which can transform suffering into beauty. Boris Pasternak talks about this in his path breaking novel Dr. Zhivago. He writes, “... art has two constants, two unending concerns: it always meditates on death and thus always creates life.” The World According to Me is admittedly barely a speck on the infinite canvas of literature but it too hopes to fulfill this tenet of art. The world is so full of sadness, but it is also so very full of goodness. It is a positive place that is waiting to be rediscovered by the jaded eyes of the young human race. Though cynicism is the mantra of the Modern, the truth is that Faith springs within us through the strangest mediums. We find it in that song that always raises your spirits, or that book that unfailingly reaffirms our tumbling beliefs, or that logic defying blanket that infuses you with a sense of protection, or the flooding relief you feel whenever you here that voice even through the squeaky conduit of a telephone connection. It's there, regardless of how much you'd rather let it all go and be an all out jaded being. And that's what it means to be alive: to know that there is dark, but it's only so that the bright shines brighter .

The World According to Me welcomes the World into it's cyber portals, taking the good with the bad. We are all blessed with the light of cognizance that fills the world with meaning and worth. And since it is our cognizance that gave birth to the world as we know it, we also realise that we can make the world what we want it to be; we can transform. It is our world to do as we wish with it. So endow it with light and open your arms to the world just waiting to be discovered in its multicolored vibrance. There is so much goodness to be savoured, so much music to be enjoyed, so much life to be lived and so many existences to be rejuvenated. And The World, According to Me can't wait to start.

Happy New Year!

The Creator