Saturday, August 04, 2007


When purple clouds fill
The skies of life
And rainstorms flood
the ground with fear-
The thing we dread most
Has come to pass:
We are dead to those
We hold most dear.

The soul is gnawed off
The empty shell gapes.
Rotted boards fall off
Among ghostly shapes
A dark stillness haunts-
no heart strikes a beat-
The ashes of time
stick to our feet.

Wild cries turn us hoarse,
Bloody hands,broken doors..
Ripping skin,sinew, bone
Tearing at the human cores.

Silken tethers, burning brands
Curling talons, iron hands
Softly strangle flying hope
Twisting on a hanging rope.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Permanance - A non-mushy love song.

POETS NOTE-It's been a long time since I wrote a non-prose post. And this is my first attempt at this kind.Please assist me in my unsteady fledgling steps.

Absence is Permanance:
For when you are away,
I am calm.
The moment you come back,
I am capsized!
Swerving like a mad pendulum,
To the rhythmless clicking
of that
which used to just pump blood.

I am afraid to move,
Lest this fragile thread
Holding me suspended
Leaving me hurtling
Into a dark world...

Stay away from me!
My permanance is your absence
Leave me alone!
Why twist me like this?
Let me be
Let me return
To what I used to be.