Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fashion Fracas

The neanderthals felt that animal-skin wraps were "Totally cool".The Cro-Magnon man was most happy in fur leggings. The homo-sapien, with a wide range of fabrics- natural and artificial- doesn't know what to wear.

Ironic? It doesn't cover the half of it.(much like todays fashions)

There are some who know every nuance of fashion in all its fickle glory. And there are others who can hardly make out the difference. I confess i belong to the latter category. If I were asked whether I prefer the A-line with a bolero jacket or the batiste with the bateau neckline- I would be found hiding in the cellar traumatised by the hurricane of fashion shrapnel!

Indeed, the greatest irony is fashion terminology. The logical use of this technical quagmire is probably to simplify ad classify the myriad forms of clothing. However it only serves to further confuse the already hopelessly floundering. Let's take the simple example of jeans. These highly utilitarian denim numbers were boons to the fashion-fumblers. And now even these have been turned against us!! Low waist, high waists, cut-offs,faded, non faded..this, that and the other! Similarly the question of brands. What does it matter if it is Versace or Vemicelli?! Flip over to Fashion T.V and we have Fall fashions and Spring collections etc..etc.. What is the real difference? All the clothes look similar draped on their similar rail thin human-hangers.

Ah but I suppose this sort of classification must exist.One might compare it to art, where there are so many different words for a technique or a type of paint, or a movement of the eyes or the rising of a note... Fashion too is an art- a much maligned one at that. We hypocritically disclaim it- we who have created cosmetics and plastic surgery. It is only fair I suppose that if we know what type of car or what kind of literature we prefer, that we also know what kind of fashion we like. Though it is rather difficult to keep track with what fashion we are wearing when it changes within the blink of an eye.