Saturday, April 02, 2011

Blue Blues

2 April 2011.
Whether this date will be remembered with joy or sorrow is yet to be determined, however it's iconic significance is more or less confirmed.
'Lanka Dahan'
Sounds good doesn't it? It's a good thing RaOne isn't being released right now.
Being a malayalee and therefore genetically programmed to favour football over the sophisticated gilli-danda game called cricket, there is always a certain amount of 'urk' invoked when I realise that I am just as crazy about it as the rest of the baying lot. It is a personal theory of mine that every Indian is injected with a cricket virus when they go in for their vaccinations. Those polio drops: they aren't just polio drops. Personal theories aside the match of the century promises to make and break faiths. India, being such a reliable team, guarantees that nothing is guaranteed. Prayers waft heavenwards and everyone indulges in unabashed jingoism.

And what am I doing?



Ah well, I have my trusted friends who have promised a blow-blow recounting of the match and besides it's just cricket. and my eyes blur with frustrated tears. Sanity returns a breath later and I resume my equable pose. After all when I become a great writer ( the scornful snorts are not appreciated) this terrible pain may fuel one of my deeply complex, angsty novels. Plus, now my humble blog becomes an archive: it is marking a momentous episode in history- with some luck and a lot of great plays it may be the day we bring the World Cup back where it belongs.

And now back to Research Methodology.