Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life and other questions

There is so much we are so prone to taking for granted isn't there? the sun rising in the morning, the water being wet,the summers being dry. The contraction of facial muscles causing smiles and frowns, flowers being pretty, music being nice......It all 'supposed to be' Suppose blue were not blue and actually mustard?or suppose when we ask for something 'hot' we want coke?imagine if i were taller???????Oh no-wont do at! It would be utter chaos and pandemonium wouldn't it?

And so its accepted that blues is blue, coke i cool and sree is on the litller side of the little scale.
These observations prove that whatever we know/do/say comes from a former known/done /said entity.

So in the end it all boils down to the point-
The whole world is made up of preconceived ideas and thoughts. what we call creativiy , spontaenity etc is all actually a remixing of old ideas into a new packet. Wat is absolutely NEW? Nothing. everything is based on something else. Everything is relative....rather depressing isn't it?

But then if you think about it..its true..sort of atleast.

Comments welcome.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Greetings comrades!!
You have entered the blog the Great Git Atomic!!!!Cower in fear at the nonsense you have unleashed to torture the this world of intellectuals!!!MUHAHAHAHAHa!
Ok,ok, Ill cut the crap.Heyllo yevverybady!welgum to thee bust place to find unity in diversity: not understanding?.Plese allow me elucidate.

how often have you felt that the best thing about having an internet faciltiy is the best outlet to your potentially disastrous skills?How often, have you dear gits and associates-turned to this sea of blogs to let loose the thoughts that play catch and catch in your minds? How often did What? Does this have anything to do with the unity in diversity thingy? No of course no! I was just mentioning this in passing.

Anyway as i was saying, This blog will display unity in diversity-no no nothing to do with Rang De Basanthi, though i did like the movie a lot- you see the fact remains that every blog shows not just one stream of thought.And, if I'm going to be posting things regularly here-it'll definitely not have anything in the same line of thought. ITs going to be rather a " flux of thought process " to qoute Sheela Mathai on the stream of conciousness( please contact gitler for further doubts on the subject).

So guys, what do you say to a weekend movie? Well go watch Pride and Prejudice? hmm? Awaiting responses as more philosophical thoughts run amok in my brain.until the next posting-Adieu!